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Re: Troll Tactics in a Nutshell

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____/ chrisv on Tuesday 12 Jul 2011 17:37 : \____

> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>>>>>>>> No, the troll is using "Hadron". Yes, that's you, Larry
>>>>>>>> Is that Larry "Qualig", the former Microsoft employee who trolled this
>>>>>>>> newsgroup?
>>>>>>> We believe so.
>>>>>>Their style is too different.
>>>>> The troll changed to an anonymous nym so that he could be his true
>>>>> shitty self, without restraint.
>>>>'Qualig' was already a pseudo-nym, similar to his real surname he once
>>> Could be.  In any case, the troll's hatred of Linux and FOSS is
>>> unbounded - he's probably the only one of them who actually *hates*
>>> Linux and FOSS.  Or most anything else "good", for that matter.  A
>>> truly sick individual.  A monster.
>>Right up there with Slimer (DFS) in that regard.
> Like two turds in the punch bowl.

You'll make the third one hungry... 

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