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Re: The Microsoft bully is still around, as ever (but not for long, Linux is killing its cash cows)

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____/ nessuno on Wednesday 13 Jul 2011 13:53 : \____

> On Jul 12, 11:20 pm, bbgruff <bbgr...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Tuesday 12 July 2011 21:44 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> > The Microsoft bully is back
>> > ,----[ Quote ]
>> > | Well, color me surprised that the tyrant known as Microsoft has taken to
>> > | doing everything it can to chip away at the competition â no matter what
>> > | the cost, what the stakes, or what the perception of the public at
>> > | large. Hereâs the deal: Back in April, Microsoft struck a deal with
>> > | Samsung wherein Samsung would pay the software giant an undisclosed sum
>> > | for every Samsung handset sold â get this â powered by the Android OS.
>> > | Thatâs right, MS made itâs usual claims that Android (along with every
>> > | company on the planet â regardless of what they produce) infringed upon
>> > | patents held by Microsoft. Would they disclose the said infringed
>> > | patents? Of course not. After all, itâs been Microsoftâs modus operandi
>> > | for decades to obfuscate the real truth for fear of looking like a
>> > | spoiled baby taking its toys and going home.
>> > |
>> > | So there the public was (the public that cared about Samsung and
>> > | Android) wondering what the sum and the patents were. Well, we now know
>> > | that Samsung is to pay a whopping $15.00 per Android-based handset sold.
>> > | Letâs do that math:
>> > |
>> > | Samsung sold over 19 million Android-based handsets in the second
>> > | quarter of 2011. At 15 smackers a pop, that equals $285 Million Dollars.
>> > `----
>> >http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/the-microsoft-bully-is-
>> back/2693
>> > Windows and Office revenues are falling. Microsoft was caught cooking the
>> > books while I was away from COLA (Information Week exposed this).
>> This is all getting to be very interesting, isn't it?
>> You see, I can't help thinking that somewhere along the line the various
>> anti-trust/monopoly commissions are going to become involved.
>> The thing that these people (MS etc) are then going to have to explain is
>> how the licence for the patents of bits used in a product (an OS) can cost
>> *more* than their own OS!
>> As I see it, such a situation would be totally unreasonable, and such sums
>> would indicate not a "fair return on IP", but rather an anti-competitive
>> situation.
>> My understanding is that MS charges roughly $15 for its WP7.
>> It seems (from the above) to be demanding $15 from Samsung for Android?
>> That's about the same amount!
>> But there's more - what is Oracle demanding?  $20?
>> - and Apple?
>> We seem to have here a classic anti-competition Cartel.
>> No wonder it hasn't come up in the E.U........ yet! :-)
> You know I read the legal goings-on regarding patents on Groklaw and
> such places, and see how the good guys are finding prior art for all
> the trivial ideas that have been patented out there.  And I think, my
> god, why are we even having this discussion?  These software patents
> are SO STUPID!  Every one of them should fail on the grounds that they
> are OBVIOUS!  It is so obvious that software patents are strangling
> innovation, and that they only benefit the big companies (and the big
> bullies like Microsoft).  But politics is so generally right-wing and
> dominated by big money that I don't hold out much hope for change.
> All the credit to PJ and others who are leading the fight, and I hope
> they win, but the depressing state of the software business fits right
> in with the generally depressing state of the world.  I wish I could
> be more positive.

Software patents may never die in the US, but they might bring down
the US, in which case other countries will carry on without
this baggage. The important thing is to prevent software
patents from spreading, through awareness.

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