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Re: Analysts proved wrong about Google and Free Software

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____/ Homer on Friday 15 Jul 2011 17:25 : \____

> [quote]
> Google (GOOG) increasingly finds itself at the center of our digital
> lives. Besides its sprawling Internet empire, its mobile operating
> system -- Android -- is quickly becoming the Windows of mobile devices.
> (Since launching in late 2008, Android has grown its share to 40% of all
> smartphones this year.) And now, thanks to the launch of its ambitious
> Google+ service, it aims to take on Facebook in the social networking
> space.
> So it might shock you to learn that analysts had been rushing to trim
> down their estimates for Google's earnings in recent months.
> Well, That Was a Mistake
> Last night Google stepped up to the plate and delivered second-quarter
> earnings good enough to send its shares skyrocketing nearly 13% in
> after-hours trading.
> Excluding stock-compensation and certain income tax effects, the company
> earned $8.74 per share, significantly ahead of analyst projections of
> $7.86 in profits per share. Google's sales total also put the pros to
> shame: After excluding costs paid to partner sites, the search giant had
> sales of $6.82 billion, which trounced pre-earnings projections of $6.55
> billion.
> Those results were far ahead of what even the most starry-eyed analyst
> projected.
> [/quote]
> http://www.dailyfinance.com/2011/07/15/google-smashes-earnings-and-its-just-getting-started/

Remember what Steve Ballmer said about Android/OHA? He said it was just some
words on paper a few years back. Now he sends real firms "some words on paper"
(under an NDA) to say something like "pay me now or Horacio and I will blow
your kneecaps."

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