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Re: Why Microsoft is being beaten by Free Software

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____/ JeffM on Friday 15 Jul 2011 19:29 : \____

> Homer wrote:
>>Take Google's popular Android operating system, which is
>>spreading like wildfire across the mobile world. While Android
>>may be immensely popular, the company gives it away for free,
>>so no direct sales are recorded from its success.
> Some folks get it that Google is NOT in the hardware business.
> Fewer understand that Google is NOT in the software business.
> Google is in the ADVERTISING business.
> The more eyes they can get on their ads, the better they do.
> Google figured out long ago
> that TEXT ads are less likely to piss off its users.
> They also figured out that fifty-something guys
> are NOT interested in tampon ads.
> Their aggregating the data generated by your searching
> may be seen as an invasion of your "privacy",
> but, if you're going to have to put up with ads anyway,
> wouldn't you rather see an ad that *might* be of interest to YOU?
> Android is just another way to not piss you off
> (a better user experience) and to get their well-targeted ads to you.
> It's that simple.

Business models and Linux are orthogonal. Linux can be used (and *is* used)
by many companies for hosting, advertising, streaming, and even us on
the desktop. What's relevant is that the world's largest tech
companies chose GNU/Linux.

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