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Re: IBM 'Blue Waters' super node washes ashore in August

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____/ Hardon on Saturday 16 Jul 2011 13:38 : \____

> <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/07/15/power_775_super_pricing/>
> <quote>
> Big Blue has been talking about the Power7-based "Blue Waters"
> supercomputer nodes for so long that you might think they're already
> available. But although IBM gave us a glimpse of the Power 775
> machines way back in November 2009, they actually won't start shipping
> commercially until next month â August 26, to be exact.
> ...
> The brains of the Power 775 server are a multi-chip module (MCM) that
> crams four Power7 processors, each with eight cores and four threads
> per core, onto a single piece of ceramic substrate with a 5,336-pin
> interconnect. The chips, we now learn, run at 3.84GHz, right smack dab
> in the middle of the 3.5GHz to 4GHz range that IBM was
> anticipating. The chip package burns at 800 watts, which is why it
> needs water cooling.
> ...
> The Power 775 HPC cluster node requires AIX 7.1 with ServicePack 3 and
> a bunch of patches, and IBM says that it will eventually support Red
> Hat's Enterprise Linux (presumably 6.1 or later). There's no love for
> SUSE's Enterprise Linux Server 11 SP1 on these nodes.
> </quote>
> What, no Windows? For 'serious' computing Windows is noticeable by its
> absence. :-)

Windows can only ever dominate when a kickbacks-loving OEM forces people
to buy an operating systems they do not want and/or never chose.

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