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Re: Linux Today and the Layoffs

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____/ Homer on Saturday 16 Jul 2011 22:16 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>> And, if not dead, shafted by Microsft... all the Playsforsure
>> partners, for example.  Or how about libraries, presumably
>> benefitting, at first, from the "Gates Library Initiative", and now...
>> http://windowssecrets.com/top-story/microsoft-decision-puts-public-libraries-at-risk/#story1
> [quote]
> SteadyState essentially resets a computer whenever a user signs off,
> thus protecting his or her identity and data. It lets administrators
> restrict how users can interact with the computer â administrators can,
> for example, block access to programs, Web sites, the Control Panel, and
> disk drives.
> ...
> SteadyState is descended from the Public Access Computer security
> software developed in the early 2000s by the Bill and Melinda Gates
> Foundation. It was part of the foundationâs ongoing drive to put
> computers into schools and libraries.
> In 2005, Microsoft picked up the torch with the release of the Shared
> Computer Toolkit and then followed with SteadyState in 2007 for Windows
> XP.
> Ironically, news of Microsoftâs decision not to support SteadyState in
> Windows 7 arrived in the same month as a Gates Foundationâfunded,
> University of Washington study, which reported that some 77 million
> Americans used a library computer or Wi-Fi network to access the
> Internet last year.
> ...
> At least one forum member said lack of SteadyState support is a
> deal-breaker for Windows 7 upgrades. The poster, identified as Syb111,
> manages 200 computers. Syb111 wrote:
>     âWe have decided to stay with XP and notify users that until
> Microsoft updates WSS to run with Windows 7, we will stay with XP and
> advise them to do the same. Itâs simply not viable, especially in this
> economy, to spend the extra tens of thousands of dollars on the extra
> staff that would be needed to support an OS that we have come to the
> conclusion that even Microsoft isnât prepared to support fully.â
> [/quote]
> Microsoft: Holding back technology .... /and/ education.
> Meanwhile I suggest these libraries switch to using Free Software
> library systems like the following, since apparently Microsoft and the
> Gates Eugenics and Agri-patents Fundation is no longer interested in
> helping them:
> [quote]
> LibLime Koha is developed in Perl, with embedded Javascripts and HTML
> templates. LibLime Koha 4.2 uses Debian as the operating system, the
> Apache HTTP server, and MySQL as the underlying relational database.
> When installing Debian, select MySQL as your RDBMS server â our download
> includes the database schema necessary to support LibLime Koha. Specific
> installation instructions are included in the download package.
> ...
> The LibLime Koha team is made up PMP-certified project managers,
> professional librarians (with academic, public, special, and archival
> backgrounds), ILS system administrators, trainers, data specialists,
> documentarians, programmers (Java, Perl, Javascript, HTML, etc),
> trainers, IT specialists, and library support analysts.
> [/quote]
> http://www.koha.org/main.asp?page=1401

*LOL* @ "Gates Eugenics and Agri-patents Fundation". Sounds fitting, plus the $340ml
per year it spends per year just buying the press. The short story is, Gates 
invests (for profit) in big phrama (see the background of Tachi),
which needs clinical trials on poor people who would not sue. By spending a
million dollars per day buying the press and making fairy tales, Gates able to
recruit poor populations for trial and make money. That's just one
among the uglier aspects. I think I used to post to COLA some of the

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		~~ Best of wishes

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