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What's With the "Desktop" Obsession?

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On Linux Distributions and Desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| However, what names come into mind when you think about Desktops? I believe 
| that in this case, the names which feel most like it are Mac, Windows, 
| Android, Meego, BeOS, ChromeOS, JoliCloud, and so on. Some of them are running 
| proprietary OSes, some of them are partly open, and some of them are actually 
| based on a Linux distribution or a Linux kernel and libraries stack.
| And finally, what comes into mind when you think about the term âLinux 
| Desktopâ? Without holy wars and discussion which distribution is better 
| (notice the word distribution here), I believe that it is hard to escape from 
| the names as Ubuntu, Mandrake, Linspire, SLED, and similar solutions.
| Some of you perhaps have already got my point. What makes a âDesktopâ is not a 
| mere combination of packages, applications, community and artwork; but it is 
| the integration and common feeling among all of its components, and somewhat 
| inherited desire of having a âstandardâ way of doing everything. And Linux 
| Distributions, on their turn, inherently have the essence of freedom of 
| choice, flexibility and multitude of combinations of applications and goals 
| within, which make them much more flexible on one hand, but much less focused 
| on another.
| Why Linux distributions will never (in my humble opinion) beat Windows or 
| MacOS on desktop? By a one simple reason â they are too flexible. They provide 
| too many options and possibilities by default, without a âstandardâ way of 
| doing things, and while everything works and is usually tightly integrated, 
| this is still a combination of packages and applications, and not a Desktop. 
| This is not a bad thing â by the contrary, I believe that this is awesome! But 
| this opposite to what is expected from a Desktop experience.


COLA is about "Linux", which is extremely successful. The trolls ignore
90% of the areas.
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