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Re: Microsoft trojan Elop is killing Nokia

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____/ Anonymous on Thursday 21 Jul 2011 16:44 : \____

> http://www.infoworld.com/d/the-industry-standard/nokia-makes-loss-
> smartphone-sales-drop-third-680
> The Microshaft trojan's decision to switch to Windows Phone 7 is
> killing Nokia and will most likely finish off the company before it can
> start selling WP7 devices in numbers. Elop, a M$ trojan, refuses to
> change course claiming he's hell bent on either wrecking Nokia or
> putting bringing in bumper profits...for Microsoft!
> I don't feel sorry for the Fins. They picked Elop themselves and they
> now have to live with the fact that he's killing their national
> treasure. He even went so far as to oust all boardmembers that were
> critical of the WP7 switchover and he now has a free hand...until
> Nokia's wrecked. He'll then take his pre-negotiated golden parachute
> and is off to Redmond for a nice cozy job until retirement.
> Nokia should have produced Android phones at the very least, letting
> its customers decide whether they want to buy a Nokia smartphone with
> WP7 or Android on it. Ultimately Microsoft won't care too much about
> Nokia going broke. They don't produce anything physical, don't have to
> take the losses of unsold devices, and will simply shrug and try to
> find some other fool to build WP7 phones for them.

The last time I checked (last month), Elop is Microsoft's 8th biggest
private shareholder, so he is doing a fine job (for the Elops, not Nokia).

Another lesson about the danger of Microsoft entryism. Yahoo, Corel,
Novell, ASUS, Palm...

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