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Vector Linux 7 is Coming, Previews Published

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Preview: What's Coming Up In VectorLinux 7?

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| A while ago I received an invitation to view a video presentation giving 10 
| good reasons to review VectorLinux, and it's true that I cannot recall to have 
| read a review of it in years. This venerable distribution has been around for 
| a long time but has also garnered some controversy around offering a paid for 
| Deluxe version, introducing a paid for members club, and has been accused of 
| not making source code freely available and thereby infringing on the GPL. It 
| seems the club did not take off as I cannot find any mention of it anymore on 
| the web site.
| All that aside, VectorLinux 5.0.1 was my distribution of choice when returning 
| to Linux in 2005, and a nice experience it was. Basically what I had been 
| looking for was something like Mandrake Linux back in the late 90's but based 
| on Slackware, and Vector did just fit the bill.
| It had and probably still has a very enthusiastic, helpful and polite 
| community, and the forums were a great resource. I still remember the names 
| and the fact that all these people are still actively involved as you can see 
| in the credits during installation speaks volumes.

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