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GNU/Linux Comes a Long Way in a Decade

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Migrating to GNU/Linux in the Good Old Days

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs rather obvious that GNU/Linux is not that other OS but people seem to 
| feel an OS that is not that other OS is somehow faulty. He wrote that it took 
| him a year to get his system working as he wanted. It took me installation 
| time. I think I installed five machines from scratch in two evenings. It was 
| my first installation and the machines were ancient Pentium Pros. In 2000, 
| they were slow, but I did not notice any of the problems the authour felt were 
| important:
|     * NO CRASHES â Amen. We both loved that. Thatâs what drove me to GNU/Linux 
|     and it was like entering the Garden of Eden. This feature alone justified 
|     the bit of adjustment required and returned blessing many-fold.
|     * graphics â mine worked immediately with two lines changed in X11F86.conf 
|     (or something like that). His was faulty on a newer motherboard.
|     * fonts â that other OS was using 800Ã600. GNU/Linux could do 1024Ã768 if 
|     I recall. He thought the fonts were âuglyâ. I have no idea what he meant. 
|     Mine were fine.


In a decade, XP turned into Vista 7. And many are still stuck with XP
because Vista 7 is not progress.
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