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Re: Vodafone Smart Android smartphone - Budget Googlephone, anyone?

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____/ Homer on Monday 25 Jul 2011 11:22 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Eric Pozharski spake thusly:
>> with <7b6uf8-2c6.ln1@xxxxxxxxxx> Homer wrote:
>>> Verily I say unto thee that Eric Pozharski spake thusly:
>>>> (you're escaping point at such a scale that I just don't know what
>>>> to skip)  Then let's play that game again.  I claim, that google and
>>>> ibm can dodge bullets because their usage of windopws is
>>>> minimalistic.  If at all.  In contrary with.
>>> That might be true if Google was actually "dodging bullets", but
>>> unfortunately the Oracle case suggests otherwise.
>> First, the drama isn't over yet thus we can't say what outcome there
>> would be.  Second, Oracle isn't Micoshaft either.
> No, but it's just one of many patent trolls, all queuing up to take a
> shot at Google and others.
> Here's another:
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/02/11/mpeg_la_calls_for_patents_related_to_google_open_source_codec
>>> In a roundabout way, so do the HTC, Barnes & Noble, and other Android
>>> cases, since Android is one of Google's advertising streams.
>> And what they did?  They just gave up.
> Yes, and they shouldn't have. It was cowardly. But companies often go
> bankrupt fighting injustice, even when they're subsequently vindicated,
> so it's entirely understandable, even if it is very frustrating.
> [quote]
> Synet had already trademarked Internet Explorer as a brand name when
> Microsoft came calling, offering 75 thousand dollars for rights to the
> name. When they refused Microsoft stole the name anyway, and Synet went
> bankrupt fighting the software goliathâs lawyers in court. After filing
> for bankruptcy the company was forced to settle for a paltry five
> million dollars.
> [/quote]
> http://thepopulist.wordpress.com/the-trials-of-microsoft/
> In a system that's rigged to favour the wealthy, there can be no
> justice.
>>> "Dodging bullets" is about more than just Windows and Microsoft. The
>>> problem is software patents. Whoever has the most can extort the rest
>>> into oblivion, regardless of how valid those "innovations" might be.
>> Is it possible to infringe on invalid patent?  Looks like overseas
>> courts aren't that corrupted (yet?).  However, in order to invalidate
>> patent it must be brought in court.
> But that's just it. Most of these cases never come to court, so the
> validity of those patents is never established, and doesn't need to be
> for the patent troll to achieve the desired outcome. This is why
> Microsoft can get away with racketeering on the basis of a portfolio of
> junk "patents". The "patents" are just a pretext, the real threat comes
> from being bled dry by lawyers trying to defend your case. Microsoft
> only has to /threaten/ litigation for most people to fold without a
> fight.
> This isn't helped by the fact that certain courts find in favour of
> patent trolls seemingly just on principle (e.g Texas), without really
> caring about the validity of the claims. So even if you actually make it
> to court, the chances of achieving justice are very slim, in certain
> jurisdictions anyway.
>> Are all those lawers and CxOs incapable doing their job?
> They're doing their jobs within the confines of an utterly corrupt
> system, and since they greatly benefit from that corrupt system, they
> simply don't care.
>> *If* Micoshaft is involed then it looks like.
> And Apple, and Oracle, and Intellectual Ventures (Nathan Myrvold), and
> Vulcan Inc (Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder), and IP Innovations LLC
> (Microsoft shell company) and Acacia (Microsoft shell company), and
> Lodsys (Nathan Myrvold shell company), and hundreds of other
> "non-practising entities" (criminal rackets).

Vulcan? Or Internal? Are those related?

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