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Re: Excuses Microsoft Apologists Make

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____/ TomB on Saturday 23 Jul 2011 21:54 : \____

> On 2011-07-23, the following emerged from the brain of Homer:
>> Verily I say unto thee that TomB spake thusly:
>>> On 2011-07-23, the following emerged from the brain of Chris Ahlstrom:
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> [...]
>>>>> http://www.zdnet.co.uk/blogs/the-open-source-revolution-10014902/no-apologies-for-microsoft-windows-10023578/
>> [...]
>>>> Take-home message:
>>>>    Microsoft with its limited amount of employees that contribute to
>>>>    its own kernel, can't possibly keep up as everything is kept
>>>>    behind closed doors.  While keeping its software proprietary will
>>>>    help Microsoft retain its grip on how Windows is distributed and
>>>>    ensure cash flow inbound, it ultimately hurts the Windows consumer
>>>>    with the limited amount of community resources that Microsoft has
>>>>    to put towards it. The amount of community support for the Linux
>>>>    kernel is virtually unlimited, however even Linus himself has made
>>>>    comments in the past about the amount of work to keep everything
>>>>    in line with the current amount of contributors.
>>> Who said this?
>> The author of the above ZDnet article, who apparently is:
>> [quote]
>> a systems admin of both Windows and Linux systems for over 14 years.
>> Throughout the years in numerous environments big and small, I have
>> discovered one thing. Linux just works, and it works well. It can run
>> unattended for hundreds of days. Windows can rarely do this, and as a
>> result Linux has sparked my interest over the years. Most recently in
>> the past couple of years as I have successfully migrated my personal
>> machines from Windows XP to Fedora Linux. I also am a partial owner of a
>> website design and multimedia company that has been powered by Linux
>> since its inception in 2001, and I can say that we are in business today
>> because of open source software. Had we chosen to use Windows and other
>> proprietary products, I highly doubt we would be in business today. Open
>> source software has allowed us to run as efficiently as possible, and
>> focus on promoting our business rather than wasting time with software
>> costs and maintaining our systems.
>> The power of Linux and open source is one that cannot be ignored, and is
>> starting to make waves in the world of proprietary software and
>> Microsoft. From multiple frustrations of using Microsoft products and
>> seeing open source products excel over them, I have drawn an interest in
>> writing more and doing research about the two and their vast
>> differences.
>> [/quote]
> The man knows what he's talking about!
>> http://www.zdnet.co.uk/member-profile/2000643222/
>> He's a prolific poster to many sites, including El Reg, where I
>> discovered this comment:
>> http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2009/09/29/stallman_withdraws_apple_backdoor_claim/#c_591920
>> Which contains a link to his personal Web page, here:
>> http://members.apex-internet.com/sa/windowslinux/
>> The site is owned by a company called "Apex Internet Solutions". Looking
>> at the root of members.apex-internet.com reveals only one entry "sa", so
>> I'm guessing he owns the company and the domain.
>> Unfortunately the whois record only contains the company name, with no
>> administrative contact. However, there is a postal address, which is
>> just a P.O. Box number:
>> Apex Internet Solutions, LLC
>> P.O. Box 546
>> Okemos, Michigan 48805-0546
>> Doing a Google search for "P.O. Box 546 Okemos, Michigan" reveals a
>> Website for retired members of the City of Lancing Police Department,
>> which apparently is co-run by someone called Mickey at Apex Internet
>> Solutions (presumably the owner, and an ex-cop).
>> http://www.lpdretirees-friends.org/contact.html
>> Looking through "Call Box" (a likely candidate for personal information)
>> I discovered a post entitled "Hello Fellow LPD Retirees & Friends -
>> Monthly Dinners", which names the Apex administrator as "Mickey Szilagyi".
>> http://www.lpdretirees-friends.org/call_box.html
>> Apparently he's also the "Website Chair" of the Campaign for a Better
>> Art Museum, specifically the Kresge Art Museum in Michigan.
>> http://www.apex-internet.com/portfolio/bamatmsu/about_bam.html
>> So the short answer is: Mickey Szilagyi of Apex Internet Solutions,
>> Okemos, Michigan.
> Hehe, thanks :-p

Great research!

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

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