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Re: Shelving Linux

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____/ JeffM on Friday 12 Aug 2011 21:45 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Oh, Right.  I read that one.
> Seeing your Subject line, I never imagined that was the reference.
> I was thinking "Hey, I'm just getting used to the full picture of
> any size, any shape, any flavor--whatever suits your taste/need.
> Why would I want to put the good stuff back on the shelf?"
> Yup. FOSS is about choice; WallyWorld isn't.
> They won't be getting any of my money anyway.
> I won't do business with a corp that
> sends its profits back to Sam's lazy heirs in Arkansas
> and displaces good local jobs with serfdom.
> http://google.com/search?q=Walmart-employees+food-stamps
> I'll just wait for one of the M$ sheep
> to get his Windoze box all crapped up with rogue stuff
> so that he thinks he needs a whole new box
> or just wait for him to "need" some new shiny crapware
> which, in turn, "requires" M$'s latest bloatware
> and a more powerful box to run all the bloat
> (slower than he was running before).
> I'll scoop up that "old" stuff for pennies
> and scrape off all of Redmond's crap then put FOSS on it.
> No need for WallyWorld here.

They've grabbed ASDA here...
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		~~ Best of wishes

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