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Re: The H Looks at the GNU/Linux Desktop

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Saturday 13 Aug 2011 15:58 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Kari Laine on Saturday:
>>> Snit wrote:
>>>> High Plains Thumper stated:
>>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>>> A foundation for the desktop â one apple, two ideas
>>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>>>> The story of the free software desktop is littered with what-ifs
>>>>>>> and might-have-beens. The desktop has been 'good enough' for years,
>>>>>>> and can boast some considerable success stories, but has yet to
>>>>>>> make a significant breakthrough.
>>>>>>> On the face of it, the free software desktop should be an easy
>>>>>>> choice. The average GNU/Linux desktop costs little, looks good and
>>>>>>> performs well, and offers a real opportunity to break the upgrade
>>>>>>> cycle. Cost, security, scalability and versatility are persuasive
>>>>>>> arguments for the free desktop, but other factors have worked
>>>>>>> against the uptake of Linux at the corporate level.
>>>>>>> Inertia among users is usually given as the reason and users are
>>>>>>> made to take the blame, but perhaps there are simpler explanations.
>>>>>>> The desktop has been left in the hands of the Linux companies, and
>>>>>>> the Linux companies are many and small.
>>>>>> `----
>>>>>> http://www.h-online.com/open/features/A-foundation-for-the-desktop-
>>>>>> one-apple-two-ideas-1318177.html
>>>>> The one thing that is missing from this article is the
>>>>> anticompetitive actions against Linux and competing software
>>>>> companies to promote and maintain Microsoft technologies, as
>>>>> summarised in:
>>>>> http://www.ecis.eu/documents/Finalversion_Consumerchoicepaper.pdf\
>>>> ....
>>>>> 154. EC Decision, supra note 52, Â 463 (citing an internal Microsoft
>>>>> memo drafted for Bill Gates by C++ General Manager Aaron Contorer and
>>>>> dated Feb. 21, 1997).
>>>>> [/quote]
>>>> Hey, HPT... any idea what year that is from?  And what year it is
>>>> *now*? Also: how much has the tech industry changed in *14* years.
>>>> I mean, really, whining about something from 14 years ago to excuse
>>>> failure of desktop Linux now... how absurd.
>>> You mean in those 14 years Microsoft would have grown up not being a
>>> thug to a respectable company - you are dreaming ...
>> You reply to a neighbour trolls backer. He's not here to talk sense
>> about Linux.
> Yup. Snit is an anti-Linux Mactroll turned Wintroll but still anti-Linux
> nevertheless.
> Now:
> 93- notlisted (COLA): "I actually like Apple.  But I see you as an
> asshole who spends an embarassing percentage of your life posting
> derogatory comments about a computer operating system you obviously
> detest, and insulting those who defend it in a newsgroup dedicated its
> advocacy.  That's almost the definition of being an asshole, and you have
> half a dozen buddies who do the same thing.  You excuse what you do by
> pretending that you're merely pointing out problems in the hope that the
> system will be improved, but that's an obvious lie whether it's you
> saying it or one of your buds.  You do it because you enjoy the feeling
> it gives you, whatever that is."  07 Mar 2011
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/90b57eaa796e8b14
> 2 years ago:
> 142- Tony(UK) (COLA): "Your email address in your headers just about sums
> the Linux world up. Nothing to do with the OS, it is the *uckwits
> involved in the whole arena and have posted before on this. If in doubt,
> deride, insult and attack. Look inwardly carefully before judging me."
> 10 Dec 2009
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/533042ed18cefba3
> 6 years ago:
> 69- Liam Slider (cola): "Maybe he's responding to the fact you've been an
> annoying little fuckwit lately. You started out with the pretense of
> trying to be fair, but lately all there is from you in COLA is trashtalk
> about Linux and you acting every bit the troll."  16 Jul 2005
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.mac.advocacy/msg/ad7d6c42c5e4cf2f
> Snit has also made derogatory remarks toward Homer and Roy Schestowitz,
> who either ignore him or have him kill binned. Usually, he is not even
> worth the bother to reply to.

Sounds about right.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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