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Re: Firefox 6 is Out Shortly

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 16 Aug 2011 06:09 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Gregory Shearman spake thusly:
>> On 2011-08-15, Homer <usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> It was a stupid decision made for stupid reasons, a bit like the
>>> Linux 3.0 bullshit. We'll be up to silly numbers like "Firefox 107"
>>> before long, at which point the number actually detracts from the
>>> marketing.  How many products do you know have a major version number
>>> greater than 10, for example?
>> GentooPenguin$ eix udev
>> Available versions:  114 115-r1 119 124-r1 124-r2 141 ~141-r1 146-r1!t
>> 149 151-r4 164-r2 ~171-r1
> That's more of a component than a product. Nobody markets "udev".
> Mozilla, OTOH, are supposed to be actively encouraging people to use
> Firefox. How enticing does "Firefox 171" sound compared to "Firefox 5",
> for example?
> There is simply no reason to bump major version numbers so rapidly for
> marketing reasons, indeed it's actually counter-productive to that goal,
> from the perspective of both perception and deployment (it already has
> corporate users up in arms). And remember the reason Mozilla adopted
> this approach was simply because they're playing the numbers game
> against Chrome, and for no other reason. There's no way in hell a
> browser can have four major overhauls of its feature set in one year, so
> these version bumps are pure bullshit.
> I for one have masked Icecat and all it's non-shared dependencies, and
> will not update it until the current version simply won't build any
> more, and even then I'll go looking for patches as the first resort,
> before considering alternatives, including the option of dumping it
> completely, along with Mozilla's bullshit, in /dev/null.
> I'm all for progress, but what's happening here isn't progress, it's a
> stupid game of one-upmanship using meaningless numbers, and I ain't
> playing.

My Debian box still has 3.5.x and it works.

The version is not so old; the main issue with numbering is false
indication of progress (when it hits 7 I'll be 'half'
the current version). 

Maybe Mozilla can slow down *new* releases and maintain older
ones for longer.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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