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Red Hat Growth, Keynote on Linux

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Red Hat aims to double India business this year

,----[ Quote ]
| Worldâs leading open soÂurce software company Red Hat targets to double 
| business in India this year. The firm is expanding its chÂannel presence, 
| deepening 
| reÂlationships with leading syÂstem integrators and lauÂncÂhing new products 
| in evÂolving technologies including virtualisation and cloÂud, senior firm 
| official said.


Jim Whitehurst on the next twenty years of Linux


Red Hat CEO At LinuxCon: I Have No Idea Whatâs Next


Red Hat CEO: Linux Isn't Just About Technology

,----[ Quote ]
| Jim Whitehurst took the stage at the LinuxCon conference today to provide a 
| view of where he sees Linux going. Whitehurst stressed that while the 
| technology is important it's the collaborative user-driven innovation that 
| will make the most impact in the future.
| Whitehurst told the LinuxCon audience that the general view of Linux coming 
| from analyst groups is that Linux has done a solid job and is a viable 
| alternative to tradional stacks. He noted that to him, that doesn't tell the 
| whole story.


Six years of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

,----[ Quote ]
| Every year since Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 was released we've published a 
| risk report where we look at the state of security of the distribution. We 
| investigate the key vulnerabilities, metrics on vulnerability counts, and how 
| users could have been exploited by them. The Six Years of Red Hat Enterprise 
| Linux 4 report (PDF) covering Feb 2005-2011 was published today. 

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