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New Overview of Mandriva 2011

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Mandriva 2011 Review 

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| In my recent King of KDistros poll, several readers wanted me to include 
| Mandriva in the comparison, claiming it had become a KDE exclusive distro and 
| that it was doing a great job with its latest release, Mandriva 2011. Having 
| tested Mandriva 2010 not so long ago and feeling disappointed by its apparent 
| lack of progress, I decided to leave Mandriva out of the poll. I felt 
| PCLinuxOS already somewhat represented the heart of Mandriva, but I have to 
| admit I was not aware of the latest changes and progress at Mandriva camp.
| Intrigued by those recommendations, I decided to download Mandriva 2011 RC2, 
| the last of the release candidates, which with the exception of a few bug 
| fixes, should not differ much from the latest official release. I must admit 
| Mandriva 2011 pleasantly surprised me, showcasing a lot of refreshing ideas 
| and quite an impressive amount of customization that is not usually found in 
| KDE releases.

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