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Re: KDE Distros Poll

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____/ Gregory Shearman on Monday 22 Aug 2011 23:34 : \____

> On 2011-08-22, Homer <usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Verily I say unto thee that Gregory Shearman spake thusly:
>>> On 2011-08-22, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Users voted for best KDE-based Linux distribution
>>>> http://linuxblog.darkduck.com/2011/08/users-voted-for-best-kde-based-linux.html
>>> Har har har...
>>> 1 vote for Gentoo.
>>> Gentoo can be *any* DE based distribution or even *no* DE.
>>> No, the vote wasn't mine, even though I use KDE on my Gentoo Lappy.
>> Anyone who thinks Gentoo isn't a good distro for KDE has obviously never
>> tried the Live DVD. It's slick as fsck. In all likelihood, those who
>> voted had never even seen Gentoo running KDE, or Gentoo at all, for that
>> matter.
> You're dead right, Homer. The Gentoo LiveDVD is beautiful. The changing
> desktop backgrounds are somewhat amusing... but the beauty for me is in
> the 3.0.0 kernel. Everything on my HP laptop works... including the
> previously non-working Ralink N wifi. Graphics are superb! I'll be using
> it for travelling and banking. What better way to protect against ID
> theft than to carry a read-only DVD containing a complete linux system?
> I also put the live DVD onto a flash drive. It's much, much faster!
>> "Full" DEs aren't really my thing, but if they were I'd choose KDE
>> running on Gentoo.
>> (No, I didn't vote either.)
> I like a slick DE.

KDE on Debian Queeze works as well as it does on Kubuntu. Is there any
advantage to using Gentoo for it?

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