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Re: Gentoo Becomes More New User-Friendly

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____/ rh on Thursday 25 Aug 2011 23:33 : \____

> Homer <usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>Verily I say unto thee that Gregory Shearman spake thusly:
>>> If gentoo gets an installer then it's no longer gentoo. Gentoo is
>>> about myriad choices and configuration. If you have an installer then
>>> that is all lost. It is no longer gentoo.
>>Well you can start with a prebuilt binary system using the default
>>flags, then change those flags and rebuild it, either all at once or
>>gradually with each update, so ultimately you (can possibly) get the
>>same benefits.
>>The bigger problem is that it moves Gentoo, and its users, in the wrong
>>direction, encouraging them to be lazy and ignorant, and to accept the
>>defaults rather than make their own choices. If they're forced to
>>understand and configure their system from the outset, they'll be far
>>more likely to get the most out of it, and far less likely to become
>>some helpless noob who whines for support on a number of simple issues,
>>thus draining developer resources.
>>The point of Gentoo is not just to provide the best distro, it's to
>>provide the best distro for /you/, and the only person who can make that
>>judgement is you, the user. Take that power away from the user, or
>>encourage him to discard it, and it's no longer the best distro that
>>user could possibly have, it's just a lazy/ignorant man's compromise.
>>And it's not like this ignorance is a difficult step to overcome,
>>either. I did it in about an hour, or IOW the length of time it took me
>>to read and absorb the Gentoo handbook. How many people can't spare one
>>precious hour of their lives for the benefit of something they'll use
>>every day for years to come?
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> Yes, the Handbook is one of the, if not the best, of the online help
> manuals. Like you say, taking your time through the handbook, it's not too
> difficult to have a it up and running in a couple of hours max, starting
> from the 3rd Stage tarball.
> Terry

Just a quick question, is Terry Mr. Porter?

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