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Re: Samsung and LG *NOT* Paying Microsoft for Linux

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____/ RonB on Friday 26 Aug 2011 07:54 : \____

> On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 05:28:38 +0100, Homer wrote:
>> I don't sleep well when I'm angry, and shit like this pisses me right
>> off.
>> So basically Microsoft has been lying about the nature of its licensees'
>> compliance, to make it seem like vindication of its fraudulent claim
>> that Linux "infringes" its patents, when in fact the whole thing was
>> only ever about a stupid filesystem, and bugger-all to do with Linux in
>> the slightest.
>> Lying twats.
>> No wonder Microsoft forces its licensees to sign NDAs. What a bunch of
>> con artists.
> I think Google's pending purchase of Motorola might have broken the back
> of patent extortion and patent FUD trolls. It seems as though the Android
> device makers have been talking a bit louder and walking a bit prouder
> since that announcement was made.

Those who spread patent FUD against Android have also moved to other FUD,
like "malware" or "too many versions!!!!!!" 

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