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Re: Was Steve Jobs an asshole?

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Friday 26 Aug 2011 11:03 : \____

> JEDIDIAH wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> On 2011-08-25, Clogwog <clogwog@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> "Kelsey Bjarnason" <kbjarnason@xxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
>>> news:urlii8-6f2.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> [snips]
>>>> On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 18:14:00 +0000, oingo wrote:
>>>>> Apple losing the lawsuit, to Steve jobs leaving
>>>> Steve Jobs is leaving Apple?  I'd say that would be a news flash.. but
>>>> Apple doesn't do flash, do they?
>>>> Losing the dictatorial asshat is probably the best thing that could ever
>>>> happen to Apple.
>>> Why are you Linux lusers so jealous towards Mr. Jobs?
>>    It's not jealousy.
> I remember a passage in a biography of Jobs.  It was the days when they were
> creating the first Macs.  Jobs comes in to look at some guys work, and then
> he starts screaming "This ... is shit!"
> Perhaps it was his way of motivating someone, but if some manager came in
> and tried to say that about my code, I'm pretty sure I could not stop myself
> from saying "You don't know shit."

"Which moron wrote this brainless sh*t?"

           --Martin Eller, Microsoft programmer (about Bill Gates' own code)

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