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Re: How COLA Linvocates Can Get Their Credibility Back.

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____/ Kari Laine on Sunday 28 Aug 2011 19:04 : \____

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> On 08/28/2011 07:48 PM, Snit wrote:
>> chris stated in post j3dq1e$l7h$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on
>> 8/28/11 9:22 AM:
>>> No.
>>> One example:
>>> Big Bertha wrote:
>>>> Look up and research each and every claim that Roy Schestowitz
>>>> makes. Check the links for accuracy and if they refer back to his
>>>> own site or posts then ask for further proof.
>>> I don't need to do that to "get back" my credibility. I am not responsible
>>> for what Roy writes. Roy is.
>>> I may not even read most of what he writes. So what? Am I not credible for
>>> not taking part in the massive time waste you suggest?
>>>> If he ignores or
>>>> refuses then publicly bin him.
>>> You are free to do this, but how would it make you less credible not doing
>>> it?
>>> I mean, I am not the one suggesting this. But what do you do to be credible
>>> following your suggestions? Have you looked up and researched every claim
>>> the trolls here make? No?
>> Ok, I can see not looking up his every claim... but when he is proved wrong,
>> why not acknowledge it?
> I really should take time to read Roy's site, because it pisses you off
> so much...
> One thing I spotted at the site earlier was that Linspire boss went to
> work for MS. Nice...

Can you find a link about it? I tried a couple of web searches about it,
without success. Was it Carmony? If so, it's very important.

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