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Re: GNU/Linux Tablets Coming

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____/ bbgruff on Tuesday 30 Aug 2011 14:55 : \____

> On Tuesday 30 August 2011 14:06 Homer wrote:
>> Verily I say unto thee that bbgruff spake thusly:
>>> In other words, we (Linux) need a unified interface.
>> Unification is a totalitarian doctrine. It's the antithesis of choice.
>> I don't especially want my choices to be arbitrarily consolidated by a
>> dictator. In fact you can pretty much guarantee that whatever unified
>> choice is arbitrarily settled on, by some group presuming authority over
>> others, those others will simply ignore that attempted imposition and
>> create alternatives. And I'll be one of those using those alternatives.
>> Always. Because I can. Because I believe in individuality and freedom.
>> Because I will not be told what to do. Ever.
> Nobody is telling you what to do, or dictating *anything* , least of all me.
> I'm merely observing that the interface required for a portable device
> (content consumption) using chubby fingers on large icons etc., is rather
> different from the one required for desktop (content creation) work -
> typing, very precise positioning for menus, image manipulation and
> insertion, spreadsheet work, etc, where a keyboard and mouse is a better
> choice.
> Further, once one accepts that a "dockable" portable device is the way
> things are going, the requirement is that whatever OS you use, it will need
> to accommodate both, and need to be able to swap "on the fly".  I reckon
> that's the way Windows 8 is going, and hence Microsoft being very specific
> about using Windows 8 for Tablets.
> I also believe that this is the scenario that Ubuntu+Unity is anticipating.

Windows 8 will have too many "Ribbon" space wasters to be suitable for
10' tablets.

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