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Re: "Debian installation tailored specifically toward the needs of an older laptop."

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____/ JeffM on Friday 02 Sep 2011 00:31 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> A good article.  I liked the "like a box of Legos" analogy.
> There were several tips first-timers might not think about.
> The caveat about PulseAudio is a bracer
> for folks who might otherwise pitch a fit later.
> Mentioning Window Maker as configurable/productivity-oriented
> and LXDE as quick/easy was a nice touch as well.
> The very last thing, he has a passing reference to Linux Mint.
> He doesn't mention that Mint is the other end of the spectrum
> with a complete-out-of-the-box experience
> including the non-free stuff. (All the allusions are to heft.)
> It makes me wonder if he ever tried the LXDE spin of Mint.

LXDE, based on benchmarks I saw, is not light enough. And actually,
doesn't Mint also includes cruft not found in the default Debian?

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