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Re: Linux Tablets Beat Apple Tablets in technical Specs

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____/ Sneaky Weasel on Saturday 03 Sep 2011 04:33 : \____

> chrisv wrote:
>> Homer wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>> Toshiba Unveils The Thinnest Honeycomb Tablet Yet, The 7.7mm-thick
>>>> AT200
>>> That's 1.1mm thinner than the Foxconn, erm, I mean "Apple" iPants2,
>>> and
>>> 0.2GHz faster too. The iPants2 also lacks USB and HDMI, relying on
>>> some proprietary adaptor thing that costs extra and is limited to
>>> 720p.
>> It sure makes it easier for the companies playing "catch up", when the
>> market leader intentionally cripples their product, and is gouging
>> their customers with expensive proprietary adaptors...
> Apple can not make good products so they make shit only their cult followers
> would want to buy. The idiots by them by the dozen. I know this kid who has
> like 20 Macs and buys them just to make sure Apple does well financially.
> How stupid can these cultists be?

The right question is, how long will they be stupid /for/? Sooner or later
they'll realise they can get the same stuff, /cheaply/, just without the logo.

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