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Re: Undeniable Reasons That Show iPhone 5 Will Fall Head First Down Against Samsung Galaxy S2

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____/ Homer on Sunday 11 Sep 2011 07:42 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee that Kari Laine spake thusly:
>> http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/211113/20110909/rumors-samsung-galaxy-s2-galaxy-sii-apple-iphone-5-reasons-top-10-top-ten-ios-5-android-smartphone-t.htm
> Since you refuse to quote the articles you're linking to, I'll do it:
> [quote]
> One of the major drawbacks of the iPhone is the inability to support
> Flash. The Galaxy S2, however, supports Flash. The Galaxy S2, at the
> moment, is the only smartphone in the market which allows full HD video
> playback even inside Adobe Flash player.
> ...
> Another area where Galaxy S2 is a class apart is the display quality.
> There is no display that matches the Super AMOLED Plus, which is the
> best available technology for mobile displays at the moment. Samsung is
> the only manufacturer of Super AMOLED Plus displays.
> ...
> The Galaxy S2 currently supports 3G data speeds up to 21 Mbps (HSPA +
> networks). The future LTE version of the smartphone is set to feature
> HSPA up to 42 Mbps that will provide unimaginable speed and, clearly,
> this is another area where iPhone 5 wonât stand a chance. LTE
> compatibility for iPhone 5 is highly doubtful as that will contradict
> with Appleâs plan to deliver a slim smartphone.
> The Galaxy S2 offers Bluetooth 3.0+HS transfer, Wifi Direct, Allshare
> (DLNA) and HDMI through MHL. iOS, however, doesnât allow the user to
> transfer camera images via Bluetooth. Galaxy S2 is the only present
> device that lets you transfer files through highspeed true 3.0+HS
> standard Bluetooth.
> Apple recently announced its new iOS 5 that will arrive along with the
> iPhone 5. Most of its new features like cloud synchronization, wireless
> syncing, notification bar, iMessage, Twitter integration and Widgets,
> however, are already found in Android. iMessage is an exception which
> has been mostly copied from BlackBerry. Android is more customizable,
> has more widgets and fewer restrictions. The OS also has a more fluid
> interface.
> It is highly unlikely that the iPhone 5 will arrive with NFC (Near Field
> Communication) capability. The Galaxy S2, on the other hand, supports
> the NFC chip that allows for simplified transactions, data exchange and
> connections with a touch.
> ...
> The last, but definitely not the least, area of improvisation is Appleâs
> inability to provide extendable memory slot and removable battery.
> Galaxy S2 has the privilege of expandable memory and a removable
> battery. The RAM memory, which Apple never reveals beforehand, always
> turns out to be less than other phones. The Galaxy S2 has the advantage
> of 1 GB RAM over a dual core processor.
> [/quote]
> In short, Apple's archaic technology is overpriced junk that's badly
> behind the curve. The fact that Apple then thinks it has some kind of
> moral right to litigate against others over "innovation" is therefore
> highly amusing, especially when the sum total of that "innovation" is
> nothing but a "rounded rectangle". Then when its victims defend
> themselves with /real/ inventions related to communications technology,
> Apple has the gall to cry foul and complain about it.
> What a bunch of hypocritical goons.

Apple will have a very hard time with this strategy. But for Apple's C00k, it's
a last resort. He also threatened with similar actions against Palm.

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