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Distrowatch Reviews Parsix GNU/Linux

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A taste of Parsix

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| Parsix managed the hardware of both of my test machines very well. I ran the 
| distribution on my HP laptop (dual-core 2 GHz CPU, 3 GB of RAM, Intel video 
| card) and a generic desktop box (2.5 GHz CPU, 2 GB of RAM, NVIDIA video card). 
| All of my hardware was properly detected and utilized. Wireless networking was 
| available with a single click, audio was set at a medium level and my desktop 
| was set to the maximum possible resolution. By default Parsix disables taps as 
| clicks on touchpads, but the option to enable this feature is available (and 
| easy to find) through the mouse configuration app. When running in a virtual 
| environment I found Parsix could boot and run with 128 MB of RAM, though 
| performance started to slowly drop off when memory was set below 512 MB.
| When I first fired up the live DVD my impression of Parsix was that of yet 
| another Debian derivative and, to make matters worse, one with an out-dated 
| Ubuntu theme -- not the most flattering of first impressions. The installer 
| didn't exactly do anything to improve my view. However, post-install, Parsix 
| really delivered. It's responsive, it's very light on resources and it comes 
| bundled with a wide array of good applications. The developers have generally 
| stuck to one application per task and it gives the user a lot of functionality 
| without over-stuffing the menu. The distribution has its own repositories so, 
| while it is based on Debian's Testing branch, Parsix users have a small buffer 
| between themselves and upstream. The Debian repository is included in the APT 
| source list, but is commented out by default, so users wishing to get closer 
| to the upstream project need only to uncomment the entry.
| Parsix does a good job of polishing up Debian Testing for end users without 
| gumming up the system with extras. Hardware, codecs and Flash all worked right 
| from the start and I encountered no series problems with the distribution. 
| Though the installer is still in development, the rest of the distro is about 
| as close as we can get to "just works". Parsix provides a good modern desktop 
| experience without frills or fuss and my week with the distro was pleasantly 
| uneventful.

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