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The Badgeware/Brandware Company

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The Badgeware/Brandware company known as "Apple" is a major competitor of Linux. 
GNU/Linux is not just a desktop platform and this forum is not about desktops. 
either. It is funny to see how anti-Linux trolls who infiltrated this newsgroup 
somehow act all shocked and surprised that Apple is put down in a forum that 
compares Linux to other operating systems. Wait, what?!?! How dare it compare!!! 
Maybe they feel a little envious because their little SCO wannabe, Microsoft, 
does not get as much attention as it used to. Personally, I no longer track 
Microsoft because it's dying on its own; it doesn't need much of a shove. 
Microsoft will be like SUN in 5-10 years, only without good products. Apple is a 
big delusion and it's easy to burst its bubble just with words. Apple is based 
on PR (and brand value). Eliminate those and all you are left with are Foxconn-
made imitationsknowckoffs that merely integrate good technology from IBM 
(hardware), Xerox, etc.

The English-speaking press likes to boost the "Mac vs PC" delusion because it's 
good for the US duopoly. The matter of fact is, Asia is rising and it is using 
Linux. Likewise, Xbox was a loser; the Japanese consoles kick arse, but they 
don't control English-speaking press.

Linux makes affordable products; Apple makes expensive marketing. Would one 
prefer paying for quality and value or just marketing/peer perception?

Linux got its checkmate in phones some time this year. This is what makes Linux 
advocacy so much fun and the trolls so utterly pathetic. They've quit bashing 
Linux; now they just make up libel with which to defame people. Socipaths.
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