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Re: Linux at LSE

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____/ Rex Ballard on Thursday 22 Sep 2011 13:23 : \____

> Linux gets very little "Headline" recognition.  Remember, Linus does not
> require that the Linux trademark or Tux logo be displayed anywhere, not on the
> product, not on the packaging, not on the promotional materials, not on the
> user interface.  The ONLY branding required is the requirement to tell the
> user where they can get source code to the GPL and LGPL code from Linux.  Even
> this can be done via the company's web site, so even the documentation may not
> show Linux anywhere.

LSE does not have this obligation, either. I think it's Novell's SLES in this
case (Attachmate). They like using their own logos and brands. SLES code is
hard to get hold of.

> Since Linux runs so well on the devices on which it is installed, mostly
> servers, "Appliances", and embedded devices, most people won't even need to go
> to get the source code.
> On the other hand, the availability of the code, as well as the binary
> drivers, has often helped developers turn simple devices like WiFi routers
> into full blown Linux servers and add features such as SAN or NAS Storage via
> a USB interface.
> In fact, many USB hard drives are now using embedded Linux rather than custom
> code, because it's now cheaper to use embedded Linux with an ARM chipset than
> to buy individual discreet components and paste them all together.

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