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Re: Another example of Snit Michael Glasser using socks and nymshifting

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____/ Steve Carroll on Tuesday 27 Sep 2011 06:45 : \____

> On Sep 26, 6:58 am, chrisv <chr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Peter KÃhlmann wrote:
>> > ToiletClog wrote:
>> >> And yet you reply/rant almost every post he posts here?
>> >> Krautboy I know your kind, there is *nobody* in your killfile, period!
>> >Idiot. Show me *one* single post where I replied to Snot Glasser in the last
>> >several years.
>> I wonder what is the "thrill" of such obvious and ridiculous lying.
>> Weird.
> Attention. Narcissists are funny like that.

There used to be this troll called David Schleizinger who trolled my site, issued threats,
created a site dedicated just to attacking me, etc.

That guy was a mental nutcase. With documents...

I think the psychiatric treatment taught them to feel better about themselves
by being self-worshipping megalomaniacs begging for attention 24/7. It's the 
only way for them to live with themselves (in spite of their dangerous tendencies).

Michael seems a lot like David. These people are not suitable to be out there on 
the Internet. There's a name for them... (and lump Gary Stewart in too)


If their psychiatrists don't see them worthy of being in an institution, then the
best thing to do is ignore them. They would be eager to waste 24/7 just dedicating
to attacking those whom they view as 'threats' (people, not corporations)
 and they do that passionately and obsessively.

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		~~ Best of wishes
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