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Media Corrupted by Microsoft

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Microsoft, Red Cross and UN sucked into global news fixing row

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has been sucked into the row surrounding a London-based media 
| company currently under investigation by broadcasters for making editorial 
| programmes without declaring it had a commercial relationship with some of 
| those it featured.
| Both the BBC and the US-owned broadcaster CNBC are investigating FBC Media 
| following an investigation by The Independent which showed it had made 
| numerous factual programmes about Malaysia after being allocated millions of 
| pounds by the country's government to promote it.
| This newspaper has evidence that Microsoft was "guaranteed" coverage on a 
| flagship programme which FBC was commissioned to make for CNBC â which is 
| screened in Britain â for a major launch that the global technology company 
| was planning in Europe. CNBC recently suspended the show, World Business, 
| pending the outcome of its investigation. 
| The Independent has seen a nine-page letter written to Microsoft's senior 
| communications managers, in which FBC promised coverage of its opening of the 
| European Microsoft Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany, and a second project 
| in St Petersburg, Russia.
| The document referred to World Business under the heading "FBC Guaranteed 
| Distribution Placement". It told Microsoft: "Our flagship programme, World 
| Business, is a weekly half-hour business news magazine, which covers the 
| trends shaping business, particularly from a European perspective. 
| [...]
| It offered Microsoft "guaranteed" coverage of the St Petersburg event on Tech 
| Watch, a monthly technology programme it produced for airlines to show as part 
| of their in-flight entertainment.
| It is unclear whether UNHCR or Red Cross knew of the Microsoft/FBC PR campaign 
| associated with this initiative. In a statement, Microsoft said it had had a 
| commercial relationship with FBC Media from 2003 until March this year. "Where 
| FBC guaranteed that news items would appear in their World Business programme, 
| we understood this was based on the content meeting FBC editorial selection 
| criteria in line with their agreements with CNBC and other broadcasters and 
| subject to final editing before transmission," it said. 
| [...]
| Microsoft began its commercial relationship with media firm FBC in 2003. A 
| nine-page strategy document written in 2004 obtained by The Independent 
| contains excerpts which show that when the technology giant launched its 
| European Microsoft Innovation Centre in Germany in 2004, FBC drew up a plan 
| for Microsoft to target broadcasters with its "corporate messaging" and gave a 
| guarantee to Microsoft that it would "place" coverage of the launch event on 
| World Business, the weekly programme it made for the CNBC network. CNBC has 
| suspended the show and is investigating FBC.


Gates does then same thing for his latest monopolistic scams.
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