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Re: Microsoft trojan Elop is running scared

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____/ Nomen Nescio on Friday 30 Sep 2011 11:37 : \____

> http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2113066/nokia-developing-low-
> operating
> Nokia has now decided to develop a Linux-based OS for low-end phones.
> My guess is that the board pressed Elop on action since WP7 sales are
> tanking big time with other manufacturers and it could be disastrous
> for the company if it relied only on WP7 to save them. To stave off
> being axed (like Leo Apotheker) and to try to show the world he's not a
> M$ trojan (which he is) he's now putting up a smokescreen by developing
> this Linux OS. His main agenda is still to push Windows Phone 7,
> though, and he will keep doing this until he runs Nokia into the ground
> or the Fins finally wise up and kick him out.
> My bet is that if WP7 doesn't improve Nokia's bottom line before the
> end of next year Elop will be unceremoniously escorted towards the exit.

He has already done his job by burying Symbian and MeeGo. His boss Steve (Ballmer)
is very proud.

Earlier this year it was said that Elop was scheduled to leave next year. He 
came to Nokia just to give Ballmer the car keys and give Nokia's patents
to a patent troll, MOSAID, for attacks on Android.

Elop and the likes of him should be put on a tribunal. It's just white-collar

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