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Re: Another University [Switches] to Free Software

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____/ JeffM on Sunday 02 Oct 2011 18:24 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> The school mentioned appears to be the University of Costa Rica.
> A choice bit:
> :When the reporters asked the MS representative
> :that handles government issues in the region
> :[...]her words were more an evasion than an answer.
> :She said that Microsoft is "commited to work on interoperability",
> :and that "this implies more opportunities for developers
> :and more technological innovation and market competition
> :for enterprises and governments, and users".
> :
> :Yes, interoperability, she said.
> :For crying out loud! It's thanks to Microsoft
> :that their own proprietary formats do not work properly
> :with other office suites (sometimes, not even their own!)
> I've always liked the irony
> that when your "M$ format" file won't open with M$'s product,
> the solution is to open it with OpenOffice and save it.
> The question at that point becomes
> "Why bother to open M$'s junky incompatible-with-itself app?"

ODF 1.2 has just been approved and it's very complete and self-contained.
In some country it is the national standard.

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