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Free Software Migration Pays Off for Kerala

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The Kerala State Electricity Board Saves a Whopping Rs 8 Crore, Using FOSS

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| For the last four years, KSEB has created over 840 databases across the state. 
| Almost all its applications in major functional areas, operating either in a 
| centralised or local architecture, use PostgreSQL. About 700 PostgreSQL 
| databases have been used in the Oruma project, and over 4,000 employees of 
| KSEB access these databases on a daily basis. Saras has about 140 databases, 
| which are used by about 1,000 users for daily transactions. Three projects 
| under implementation (the Human Resource Information System or HRIS, the 
| Supply Chain Management or SCM, and HT/EHT billing software) also use 
| PostgreSQL databases. The HRIS will have a single database, and over 500 users 
| are expected to use it on a daily basis. The SCM system uses PostgreSQL, and 
| about 1,000 users are expected to access this centralised database for daily 
| transactions. And about 30 people will use the HT/EHT billing software, every 
| day.

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