DARPA Challenge Gets Unmanned Vehicles to Steer Through Traffic
Date: Wednesday, October 04 @ 11:51:13 BST
Topic: Stereo Vision

Following some previous stories on the DARPA Challenge and autonomously-controlled vehicles I would like to pass on this new CNN article. It speaks of yet another similar challenge that takes it up a notch.
"The robotic vehicles will have to navigate a complex 60-mile test course designed like a real city street filled with moving manned and unmanned vehicles. Participants will be tested on how well they make sharp turns, navigate traffic circles and avoid obstacles such as utility poles, trees and parked cars. The vehicles will also have to obey traffic laws, change lanes, merge with moving cars and pull into a parking lot using only their computer brain and sensors."
The vision (pardon the pun) of vehicles which drive themselves seems to be nearing reality.

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