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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005, 3:15 am

AdSense Frauds

ADSENSE is Google’s program for site-hosted advertisement, which pays per click rather than per page impression (view). In other words, whenever a site visitor clicks on such ads, money percolates from the advertiser and winds up in the hands of the publisher (site owner), as well as Google. I am beginning to hear more and more about misuse of that program. In UseNet, I hear about automated tools for ad clicks and computer centres in poorer countires where staff cycles around sites pressing ads. I have just come across yet another such complaint, which may illustare how truly severe the problem has become.

When I activate my AdSense campaign, not much more than 5 minutes go by before they are all over it.. Multiple clicks from the same Internet IP’s in Malaysia, Poland, Hongkong etc. (I tried to exclude certain countries in my AdSense account, but they seem to go through proxies, so its not much use)..

Tried just now and within 2 minutes I had around 20 clicks, which were clearly fraudulent (they seem to use some kind of tool – no pictures on the site were loaded according to my log). I guess that was around €20, which went up in smoke there. The super-duper top secret internal Google clickfraud prevention system, which is supposed to deduct the invalid clicks at the end of the month, only seems to catch an extremely small fraction of the clicks, but not nearly enough. I can’t see which clicks I actually pay for in the invoice from Google, so it’s a bit hard to say.

One Response to “AdSense Frauds”

  1. Jacken Says:

    With the ad service called Chitika, they’ve solved it by not give any money for clicks from asia, eastern europe. They will have to change that policy when they try to establish ad service in europe I guess. But as usual, a small percent of asshats destroys for the rest of us.

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