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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005, 12:31 am

WordPress and Hanging Queries/Processes

WordPress 2.0 nightly
WordPress 2.0: coming to a blog near you by Christmas?

I recently mentioned rigorous testing of WordPress 2.0. There are still odd bugs here and there; And yet, only hours ago came out a word of gossip. It suggests that WordPress 2.0 will be officially released just before Christmas. I wonder if it is rushed merely because of the important date. There is a typical download rush throughout the holiday. People have time to spare, so they upgrade software or hop on the blogging wagon. Christmas last year was the time of heavy WordPress 1.2 downloads.

Moving on to a different subject, after lengthy use and experience with WordPress, I decided to join the support forums and make contributions on rare occasions. I participated in the mailing lists for a long time (roughly 1 year), but never in the support forums. My first post was addressing to the problem below.

I received several emails form my hosting company, hostgator, that wordpress is creating too much load on their servers. I disabled all the plugins and it is still the same.

They sent me this error file below. mysql queries that never complete or die off:

Can you please advice what to do. I need to sort this out in the next 48 hours or they will ban my domain from their hosting. I tried different themes but they told me it didn’t change anything.

Thank you for your help.

root@banned [~]# mysqladmin pr | grep onlinehe
| 480 | onlinehe_wrdp1 | localhost | onlinehe_wrdp1 | Sleep | 2279


My reply:

The host can probably say very little apart from which queries still ‘hang’. As for the reason, it’s hard to tell as you can’t decipher what is actually running. It doesn’t seem like the processes devour any resources (they fall under the ‘sleep’ category). Nontheless, I wonder what spawns this. It might need some experimentation on the OP‘s side — seeing what actions trigger an instantiation of such a process (this might require root access).

A clean install might be worthwhile although I doubt the OP has changed anything in terms of code. Could it be something in the database that mySQL or WordPress cannot handle gracefully? I doubt it.

Then, somebody raised the possibility that it may be related to pinging sources and infinite looping. It was then that I suggested an upgrade to 2.0.

Will an unstable version provide a solution until a stable one is released?

There was/is a big pinging mechanisms overhaul these days…

Eventually it turned out that timeouts for pinging processes/threads can be modified. It was the lead developer that pointed this out.

I doubt I’d do any more support in the WordPress forums in the near future. It already contains approximately 200,000 posts. I still prefer the mailing lists and UseNet where there is personal attribution.

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