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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006, 8:36 am

Novell Stories Reappear

You might wonder why I have been quiet recently. I wonder the same thing. In any event, here are some pointers to stories which have not been covered, yet.

Matt Asay’s rebuttal to the Microsoft/Novell-funded ‘study’:

My own private Microsoft-Novell survey

And never mind that Microsoft and Novell wrote the survey, and so geared it toward the results they wanted. I’m not implying nefarious intent. I’m just stating a fact: surveys and statistics tend to skew in favor of whomever writes the questions/is interpreting the results. Hence the famous phrase… Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

While one review argues that OpenSUSE 10.2 is ‘most usable Linux ever’, another strongly disagrees.

SUSE 10.2 Review

Well, what can I say about SUSE 10.2? I’m very disappointed in it. It hasn’t changed much… There are better solutions out there for novice users, and there are better solutions for experienced users as well…

Lastly, here is an informative reply from Microsoft.

Microsoft answers IP questions posed in LXer open letter

MS: Through our agreement with Novell, Microsoft is providing access to thousands of patents. As is standard with most companies in this and indeed other industries, we do not publicly list the patents that are applicable to a product or by a component.

I’ll leave personal interpretation out of this.

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