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Sunday, May 20th, 2007, 5:23 am

Thoughts on Free Software Against the Bully

  • In the context of software, cost and quality need not be related at all. Free is sometimes better than pricey. If it helps, think of Linux as a robust and personalised UNIX. Its value to industry is high. It’s invaluable. And yet, its seller went mad and decided to stock it in infinite amounts and give it for free. It is not different from the way Microsoft, being another seller, treats distribution in poor nations.
  • A switch to Linux is an upgrade, but also liberation of the PC and its owner. Letting a computer control the user and programmers make all decisions is like a tail that is wagging the dog.
  • There are far more than 350 Linux distributions. With many thousands of packages and tools like rPath’s builder it all becomes a matter of combinatorics.
  • Microsoft is forever scheming to kill Linux in a subtle and secretive fashion. Linux advocates then need to ‘backward-engineer’ the plan. Awareness is key here. One needs to watch a predatory rival (with history and ‘certificates’) like a hawk. Microsoft pulls the strings of the Novell Marionette at the moment. Novell miSuSUed its position in the Linux market.
  • Microsoft attempts to corrupt (or at least ‘dilute’) the term ‘Open Source’ and confuse people in that market. Apple are not any better with their exploitation of BSD developers, a founder who turns a blind eye to eternal fraud, and very effective lockins. As for Google, I trust people like Chris DiBona, but not Eric Schmidt, who came from an arrogant company.
  • Microsoft established a global monopoly through coordinated crime. History books and antitrust memos show this very clearly.
  • The only think worst than litigation is fear. Fear drives people’s action.

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