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Busy-ness as a Form of Happiness

Business? No. Just keeping busy, not necessarily making money but keeping oneself occupied.

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Boredom or inactivity will not bring about happiness. Just ask retired or very rich people who do not work; they can sink into depression quite easily as they lack a sense of accomplishment (even making one’s meal can be a sort of accomplishment). They’re not distracted from ordinary issues and they drift into a world of “entertainment”, sometimes other people’s lives (strangers or fictional characters). They’re overthinking things and having regrets because they’re busy recalling the past instead of focusing on the present.

Feeling down? Keep busy and it might go away, as new thoughts and feelings obscure the prior ones.

Self-Hosting Milestone

LITTLE more than two years ago we set up a self-hosted album (no Flickr/Facebook/whatever) and have probably proven, in terms of numbers at least, that one does not need to rely on centralised networks that spy on users and treat them like products. This week we pass 300,000 views in our albums and we are planning to publish more albums for many years to come. This is not just a hobby but also a way to preserve one’s memories without relying on services that have little or weak or no long-term commitment to preservation of so-called ‘content’ (that’s how they view photos ‘generated’ by so-called ‘users’).

The so-called ‘cloud’ is a dangerous trap and even this week I experience this because clients and friends foolishly put their blogs or sites on third-party ‘cloud’ services which limit functionality and basically lock people in, giving them no control over the software even if the back end runs Free software.

2 Years of Self-Hosted Album


OVER three years ago Rianne and I met. The following year I set up this album, not imagining that it would attract 275,000 page views in just 2 years. Photography was never a hobby of mine, but as we traveled to many nice places including Scotland (hence the image above), Chester and Cyprus it turned out to be a nice way by which to travel back in time and recall the past. Rianne quit using Facebook when she was able to put photos in our own, self-hosted album, demonstrating, hopefully, that people do not need Facebook to share photos with a lot of people (this is what people use Facebook for, perhaps the most). To be frank, I had been hosting photos in this site since almost a decade ago (starting with Switzerland photos), but it never developed into a habit. The same software was used (Gallery), but a different version of it.

Singing 10 Years Ago

Roy Schestowitz singing Sinatra

OWING to Valentine’s Day I recently found myself singing again, just like I did about 10 years ago when I was 19 or even 20 (I uploaded some stuff that I amateurely recorded on my PC). Much of it is stuff that Sinatra, my favourite singer, had sung.

1, 16, and Big 30

On December 17th I will turn 30 and I recently went through some old photo albums trying to gather some memories from favoured times in the past — times when life when generally quite easy and fun. This made possible and easy to assemble the following collage which spans mostly a year or more after birth, 15 years after that, and another ~15 years later, at age 29 and 11 months.

Roy Schestowitz in 1983

Roy Schestowitz in 1983

Roy Schestowitz in 1983

Roy Schestowitz in 1983
1983 (with my dad)

Roy Schestowitz in 1984
1983 or 1984

Roy Schestowitz in 1991

Roy Schestowitz in 1998
1998 (age 16)

Roy Schestowitz in 1998, Miami

Roy Schestowitz in 1998, Orlando

Roy Schestowitz in 1999

Roy Schestowitz in 2011
2011 (days ago)

Roy Schestowitz in 2011

Roy Schestowitz in 2011

Looking Back at 15 Years of Weight Training

Just over 15 years ago I started lifting weights. I had only just turned 14 at the time. The memories are many and it was only about 7 years ago that I started writing abut it. I can probably reference my older blog posts about health and exercise, starting with recent and older photos of times when I was in top shape and before I turned to more running (I could run long distances well) and cycling. Back in the days I competed in Mr. Fitness contests (see 2008 victory and photos also from prior years as I had won several times since 2004). I did well at strength events of all kinds. My main competitor was Mike Coogan, who won previous contests (here are some highlights and awards).

I participated in mini triathlons and won rowing competitions too, several times in fact, until recent years.

As a scientist, I strongly reject sport quacks and embrace solid, credible research instead. Although I did not pursue sports professionally as a child (I preferred it being a hobby/game), I do maintain a high degree of knowledge and skill in the area and I spent most of my life (over 15 years) doing regular exercise without ever taking a long break, even when time management seemed hard.

Susanna Sorogon

Susanne Sorogon

IT HAS BEEN many years since I last updated or maintained the family tree pages on this Web site (not public), but moments ago I expanded the collection and also found this old photo of my great grandmother, whom I never met in person. It is saddening that several generations down the line people are no longer remembered, neither by their photo/s (they are not tagged with names, so blurring and fading are not the main issue, which digitisation can slow) nor their name; often enough not even a date of birth is recorded, let alone a short biography. It will be interesting to see what the Internet generation can do to change this.

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