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December 2013 Photos

IT IS hard to regularly upload and share photos, so we’ve begun doing so periodically. New upload of about 50 photos has been completed. Among the photos this time around:

  • House After Redesign
  • Lincoln, Sheffield, and Yorkshire
  • Pool, Gym (Midland Hotel)
  • Midland Hotel Lounge, Health Club
  • Marble Arch Pub
  • Christmas German Market (Triangle, Town Hall, Victorian), Christmas Arrangements

Towards the end of the month there will be lots more.

Tux Machines

THERE is some good news for me to share. Yesterday I did something which I had never done before. I bought an existing Web site.

The decision to buy this Web site was motivated by the fact that it was one of my favourite sites (if not my most favourite site) and it was at risk of becoming inactive. That site is Tux Machines and it has received similar levels of traffic demand to those of Techrights. We are talking about over a million hits per week.

Compared to personal sites that I run, primarily Tobkes and Schestowitz, Techrights and Tux Machines are much bigger. They don’t even have AWStats installed, so it is hard to give meaningful statistics about them (other than cruder numbers derived from logs that include bots).

In order to show what Tobkes and Schestowitz are getting in terms of traffic, here are bar charts that omit all the bots (which account for about the same amount of traffic as real people):





There are a dozen more sites that I manage, but their traffic is less than the above.

I am still not sure how I will run Tux Machines (this is being debated by core Techrights people), but the plan is to keep the spirit of that site and serve its valuable community as if nothing change since the site was born about a decade ago.

Over time I tend to find ways of making myself more efficient and productive, so maintaining many sites is not a daunting task anymore (it was a bit too much to handle a decade ago, almost leading to burnout). Suffice to say, if it weren’t for the Techrights community helping out with finding links, making suggestions, etc. it would have been much tougher to get this far.

I hate terms like “information economy” (suggesting that knowledge is only valuable if monetised). I never built sites because of greed; it’s about expressing oneself and helping others. All the above sites are run in the interest of sharing — not hoarding — and hearing from people who find these sites helpful if what motivates me to carry on.

Six Months This Month

LATER this month Rianne and I will celebrate half a year of marriage. So far we’ve never had a fight; we look forward to a life-long marriage. She supports everything that I do and it is mutual.


Christmas Vacation Photos and Site Back Online

Just uploaded. This site was down for longer than 12 hours last night (scheduled) while the server was being rebuilt.

Weeks Before Our Wedding Last Year





Next Year Should be Better

New year 2013

NEXT Monday is my birthday, so I shall be on an early vacation until shortly after Xmas (probably December 28th). I can be reached by few common ‘social’ methods and I will keep an eye on E-mail too. This post might be the last one for this year, so here’s signing with my train of thought.

A few months ago I found an essicient way to keep up with news online, write articles (on my tablet for the most part), and still find time to hang out with friends, sleep sufficiently, exercise a lot, do my full-time job, and spend a lot of time with the wife. Next year I expect to have even more time (than this year) for online activities, which hopefully means that this blog too should become more active. With the recent rebuilding of the homepage I also hope to take my company further. All of that activity does not cause stress or burnout. It’s all about how one manages one’s life.

My 8-year-old PDA recently died. I tried to achieve fast recovery, but it’s impossible to redeem or mend the darn thing even by opening up the chassis. I ordered a new one (identical to it); yes, I owe my productivity to Palm PDAs and I found no adequate alternatives for Android. Since my aunt in Florida bought me one over a decade I have managed to multi-task at micro and macro level, especially the latter, meaning that taking on many things at once remained manageable. Writing online is actually a hobby, but this hobby has proven to be of much value in the sense that it brings good and offers contentment. It is still my most cherished activity. Increasingly I find that friends of mine wish they could do the same thing (if they had the time).

Coincidence in Names

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