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UK Government Advice on COVID-19 is a Hoax (Pretending It’s No Longer a Peril That Costs Many Lives)

Yes, April first indeed

British government vs COVID-19

Suggesting we should be “living safely with coronavirus (COVID-19).” What next? Living safely with terrorism? Or radical religious bigots who preach violence? In the name of “tolerance”?

NHS Breaking Its Promise in Order to Help COVID-19 Spread While We’re Blindfolded

Our reckless, corrupt regime (there’s a reason why Borisnaro gets canned) seems to have adopted the “herd immunity” mentality/pathology. Yes, “COVID coming soon! To you too!”


Is there any sincere effort to curb the spread and protect people?


Are people here still keeping distance and wearing mask?

No. Few do. Usually older and more vulnerable people. But to be protected they need other people to wear maskS and not spread droplets etc. That’s not happening.

The government is one step away not from actively discouraging inter-personal distance and masks (which harms the spying agenda).

For those of us wishing to know how bad things really are there’s ONS, not NHS. It suggests that an average classroom now has one person infected. Not a recovered person but an actively-infected person. An infection vector. This is crazy. This is not acceptable.

Now watch this:

NHS promises

We were meant to have full data updates available “Wednesday at 4pm commencing on 6 July 2022″ (and every week after that). So why is the portal being neglected, as shown above (promise) and below (reality)? We’re intentionally left in the dark as COVID-19 spins out of control across the nation (all my siblings and my parents got infected already… despite trying to avoid it; my mom got infected more than once).

This is what the official portal looks like right now:

9 days no updates

That’s 9 days ago already. Promise broken. The “new normal” is nihilism and mass death.

‘Placebo Boosters’ Won’t Be Enough to Curtail This Summer’s COVID-19 Spike

Oh look! MOAR SALES!

A notice from NHS

The boosters  BS

FOOTBALL is back in a few weeks (envision all those packed stadiums with working class “superspreaders”), Borisnaro is going to leave (without any accountability or any fines whatsoever), and today’s COVID-19 numbers, which shockingly enough have been relegated to a weekly release (it was daily only a few months ago), reveal a grim outlook. We’ll all see them and I shall show them here later today…

Notice what the coronavirus portal is boasting about instead of a return to daily data disclosures:

We have added visualisations for spring booster vaccinations in England for people aged 75 and over. Visualisations can be found on the Vaccinations page for England and regions and local authorities in England.

Vaccination uptake for England, shown for people aged 75 and over and 5-year age groups above 75, has been added. These are calculated for population surveillance purposes using the current living population on the NIMS system. All data are displayed by date of vaccination.

Well, “spring booster” is used here mostly as a euphemism for placebo. Research (extensively carried out at the end last year; I wrote about it back then) has shown that a fourth — or fifth, sixth etc. — jab has no real advantage. Endless repetition is “insanity” … “hoping for better outcomes” (to paraphrase). Maybe it gives people more confidence, which in turn puts them at greater risk of getting infected/re-infected. They get a false sense of safety. I saw that with my mother, who had received a fourth dose and not only got infected; she then got re-infected (after a fourth shot). She thinks she’s invulnerable, so she exposes itself; and repeatedly ends up in bed for a couple of days. She thinks this is freedom.

The above figure (added by the NHS) isn’t for the public but for the greedy, for-profit AstraZeneca, which broke its promise, just like Bill Gates had done (he profits from the patent monopolies on work funded by the British public). They just keep selling and selling. They fail to actually improve their “product”. They want us to think that giving jabs to toddlers and babies (very extremely low mortality rate) would help; we already know people who got these vaccines are still highly infectious. It’s common knowledge, not an open secret.

A friend has just reminded me that these boosters are about 25 euros per person per dose. So we’re talking about around 100 euros per citizen (production costs are in the cents!). It’s graft, it’s theft, as those people actually paid for the research and development. Now all this capital flows, due to patents, into the bank accounts of Bill Gates and his class. And it barely solves the issue.

Data is late to arrive this Friday. More to come soon. Still waiting…

COVID-19: We’re Back to Wintertime Crisis Levels (and It’s Only July)

Despite testing at lowest levels; In summertime we get back to wintertime levels

April to July: Highest since April 12th

Notice the pace or the rate of increase so far this month. From the above:

04-07-2022	1,911 <- Highest since April 12th
03-07-2022	1,795
02-07-2022	1,374
01-07-2022	1,326

This summer has thus far been worse than summer of 2020 and summer of 2021. More deaths, more people in hospital, not just far more cases (despite little testing). Testing levels are lowest in 2 years. No wonder Borisnaro provokes and shifts attention to Ukraine. Did “bodies pile up high” in his illegal parties?

COVID-19 Hospitalisations More Than TRIPLED During June; British Government: OK, Let’s Start Hiding the Data From the Public!

Hospitals filling up quickly

Hospitals filling up

In text: (Date, daily net gain, total sum)

29-06-2022 1,572 770,347
28-06-2022 1,454 768,775
27-06-2022 1,438 767,321
26-06-2022 1,276 765,883
25-06-2022 1,011 764,607
24-06-2022 1,072 763,596
23-06-2022 1,210 762,524
22-06-2022 1,133 761,314
21-06-2022 1,155 760,181
20-06-2022 1,055 759,026
19-06-2022 942 757,971
18-06-2022 797 757,029
17-06-2022 829 756,232
16-06-2022 822 755,403
15-06-2022 842 754,581
14-06-2022 763 753,739
13-06-2022 722 752,976
12-06-2022 659 752,254
11-06-2022 583 751,595
10-06-2022 589 751,012
09-06-2022 627 750,423
08-06-2022 664 749,796
07-06-2022 577 749,132
06-06-2022 606 748,555
05-06-2022 531 747,949
04-06-2022 443 747,418
03-06-2022 404 746,975
02-06-2022 412 746,571
01-06-2022 480 746,159

And what a timing to make these “very fine” announcements! See below [1, 2] (screenshots with full text as “alt” below, as these will be taken offline one day)

The Government?s Living with COVID-19 plan set out how the UK would transition from managing COVID-19 as an emergency response to living with the virus, whilst ensuring we retain the resilience and contingency capabilities to deal with the uncertainty around the future path of the pandemic. This transition is underpinned by the success of the UK?s vaccination programme, and a suite of available pharmaceutical tools for treating people who are most vulnerable or severely ill with COVID-19. Vaccination derived protection and treatments have changed the risks of COVID-19 and led a pathway to greater stability. As we move from pandemic to endemic, management of COVID-19 no longer requires the rapid deployment of specific interventions which respond to changing daily data, and wider public health measures and guidance provide an effective and proportionate approach. This makes it possible to manage COVID-19 in a similar way to other respiratory illnesses. COVID-19 will be managed through ongoing surveillance, vaccination programmes and strong public health messaging.

From Friday 1 July 2022, the COVID-19 Dashboard will move to weekly reporting. The last daily update of the Dashboard will be on Friday 1 July 2022. Weekly updates will be published every Wednesday at 4pm commencing on 6 July 2022. Daily data up to the most recent available will continue to be added in each weekly update. This will bring COVID-19 reporting in line with typical reporting schedules for other respiratory infections. This approach reflects the move from an emergency pandemic response to managing COVID-19 in line with the Government's Living with COVID strategy. This decision will be kept under review in the coming weeks.

1 in 340 Brits Died With COVID-19 on the Death Certificate (and It’s Not Over)

The “new normal” is human culling?


See in the news: Hedges: The Triumph of Death

“The global ruling class is cementing into place a world where they govern without accountability, we are reduced to serfdom, the climate crisis accelerates, and mass death is normalized.”

Human culling in the UK: soon 200,000 people dead and our regime has lifted all restrictions, now mostly hides the extent of the spread of COVID-19.

The British Government’s COVID-19 Policy Needlessly Kills Thousands Per Month

Video download link | md5sum 65b5259906d3697479213d2e2c9f09d6
COVIDiots in Public Office
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

THE above video sums up some of my more recent thoughts on the lack of data coming out of the NHS regarding COVID-19. It’s delayed, it’s incomplete, and nowadays it compares apples to oranges. But death figures are a lot harder to manipulate. Here are the latest figures:

Week ending date : Weekly registered deaths

13-05-2022	795
06-05-2022	838
29-04-2022	1,248
22-04-2022	1,185
15-04-2022	1,152
08-04-2022	1,134
01-04-2022	1,063

Compared to the same period last year (with some restrictions remaining):

14-05-2021	164
07-05-2021	139
30-04-2021	232
23-04-2021	290
16-04-2021	402
09-04-2021	422
02-04-2021	450

As I explain in the video above, our government seems to have concluded that the enemy is information or pertinent data, not the virus. As such, restricting access to information (or media distraction) seems to have been adopted as the strategy for the sake of “business as usual”. At what expense and at whose expense?

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