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Benchpress After a Decade

I have not practiced this for years. It was never my strong point, but a decade ago when I had more muscle mass I could benchpress about 175 KG. This video of me at at 88 KG shows me barely doing 150 KG (I will try again Sunday, going nearer to the chest). I also filmed Kieran doing 100 KG and 97.5 after initially failing at 100 KG and then Jordan at 112.5 KG.

Kieran fails to lift 100.0 KG

Kieran lifts 97.5 KG

Kieran lifts 100.0 KG

Jordan lifts 100.0 KG

Jordan lifts 112.5 KG

Roy lifts 150.0 KG

Fullstack Circuit

Age 31, 89 KG, after a one-hour workout session, all natural (no supplements). This video was taken just a couple of hours ago despite the fact I had done a heavy workout beforehand. In the future I will do more repetitions, not just 4-5. In my early 20s I could do better, but on the shoulder press I struggled a little at maximum weight.

Mr. Fitness 2011

Earlier this year the Mr. Fitness 2011 contest had ended and it was only a couple of days ago that I published my results. I ended second overall.

Mr. Fitness Competition Update

TOMORROW I shall do the eighth stage of the Mr. Fitness competition. So far I have gotten first place in almost every stage, but tomorrow’s stage is hard and I have done almost no practice towards it. It’s so much easier to just do stuff on the computer (photos below are from today and yes, I’ve stayed home all day).

Roy Schestowitz

Roy Schestowitz - Debian box

Roy Schestowitz - main computer

Running and Bodybuilding Don’t Mix

Running track

Running is not easy for someone my weight, but there are ways to be both strong and lightweight. When I was a teenager I used to practice at the athletic tracks and ensure that I could combine the best of both worlds — to to speak — by keeping both the upper body and lower body in good shape. The whole situation is tricky for many reasons because with an upper body too strong there is a lot more left for the legs to carry and with excessive leg exercise the upper body cannot tap into the building blocks of the body so well, not to mention the effects of exhaustion from endurance/cardio-vascular exercise (it prevents one from reaching peak performance in weight-lifting). I never managed to find good balance between those two things and there is probably no such thing as “balance” there because by improving in one area, one gets worse at the other, not just by neglect.

What I generally found was, people who claim to be good at sports are usually good at just one division or type of sport. It is not possible to be very good at everything, not all at once anyway.

Mr. Fitness 2012


THE Mr. Fitness 2012 competition kicks off tomorrow and I’ve signed up to participate in it. I am in a good position (or rather in good shape) to win it this year, having run a lot recently and also dropped some weight. I shall write about the competition regularly because it spans a period of 2.5 months. In my early twenties I won quite easily, but now it’s a lot harder to keep up.

1st Place in Rowing But No British Record

OVER THE past 2 months I have practised very hard to improve the strength of my upper back in preparation for the competition which I have just won (and received the award for today). I was attempting to break the British record, but I did not succeed. I was two tenths of a second behind it. Nonetheless, my time was good enough to win the contest, which I added to the sports page.

Roy Schestowitz, 2011

My mother and I this month

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