Roy Schestowitz

PimpZilla Blue and Firefox Themes Test-bed

This page used to serve as a test-bed for themes customised to suit personal preferences and personal taste. It is important to point out that everything in this page:

  • is experimental
  • is not fully polished
  • has been confirmed to work under all circumstances so far - platforms, versions, languages (left-to-right, right-to-left)
  • will be used at your own risk although I anticipate no malfunction (do not be alarmed)
  • benefits from graphics from mac.com, Ran Aroussi and the excellent PimpZilla

PimpZilla Blue

Mac OS X (PimpZilla)

Firefox Mac
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Miscellaneous Notes

This page was created on April 18th, 2005; last modified in July 2005 Maintained by Roy Schestowitz