International Journal of Computer Vision (IJVC) - October 2006
Date: Sunday, June 11 @ 06:46:12 BST
Topic: Journals

  • Nayar, Branzoi, Boult. Programmable Imaging: Towards a Flexible Camera. pp. 7-22(16)
  • Nishino, Nayar. Corneal Imaging System: Environment from Eyes. pp. 23-40(18)
  • Felzenszwalb, Huttenlocher. Efficient Belief Propagation for Early Vision. pp. 41-54(14)
  • Sharon, Mumford. 2D-Shape Analysis Using Conformal Mapping. pp. 55-75(21)
  • Weinberger, Saul. Unsupervised Learning of Image Manifolds by Semidefinite Programming. pp. 77-90(14)
  • Wang, Tang. Random Sampling for Subspace Face Recognition. pp. 91-104(14)

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