Google Enters the Image Analysis Market
Date: Wednesday, August 16 @ 06:44:43 BST
Topic: Media/News

Google's latest acquisition appear to suggest so.
"Google on Tuesday announced it had acquired Neven Vision, a company that develops photo recognition software which is currently used in mobile phones, along with biometric applications by the U.S. government and law enforcement.

Neven Vision holds 15 patents related to image analysis and facial recognition. Google plans to use the technology to improve Picasa, its free photo organization application. The program will eventually be able to automatically identify individuals and places in pictures, which will make searching far easier."
I am currently awaiting a decision from Google, having had a second interview with them last week. It is pleasant to see that they set a foot in this field, not only in the context of photo albums, search and photo management (with basic image manipulation).

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