CVIU Special Issue/Discrete Optimization in CV
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CVIU Special Issue/Discrete Optimization in CV

Special Issue of the Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU): Discrete Optimization in Computer Vision
Guest Editors: N. Paragios & R. Zabih

* Scope
Visual understanding tasks are often naturally formulated as energy minimization approaches. In such a context, the goal is to estimate a set of parameters that produces the lowest potential of a specifically designed cost function. These problems are quite challenging, since the cost functions are typically non-convex functions in high dimensional spaces.

Discrete optimization is a well studied branch of computer science and operations research. It has numerous applications, including networks, communication, computational biology, finance, etc. While discrete optimization problems have been popular in vision for almost three decades, the area has gained significant attention within the past decade thanks to the development of efficient combinatorial optimization techniques including, max flow/min cut, graph cuts, linear programming, belief propagation, message passing, dynamic programming, etc.

* Potential topics include:
This issue aims to present the latest developments in this area both from theoretical and application perspective to capture the widest possible range of problems in computer vision. To this end, we solicit submissions in the following areas, among others:

- Discrete optimization algorithms
- Image enhancement, inpainting
- Image segmentation and grouping
- Motion analysis, registration and tracking
- Computational stereo, shape from shading
- Medical and biological imaging
- Experimental comparisons of optimization techniques or energy functions

* Submission Procedure
Submissions should be marked "Special Issue: Discrete Optimization in CV" and should be submitted through the CVIU journal web server ( During the submission the authors should indicate (select the appropriate option) that this is a submission for the Discrete Optimization in CV issue. The guide for authors is at (

The guest editors may return without review submissions that are not aligned with the scope of this issue.

* Important dates:
- Deadline for submission: October, 31st 2007
- First Review Decision: January, 31st 2008
- Resubmission of Revised Papers (if needed): April, 30st 2008
- Final Decisions to the authors: June, 30st 2008
- Issue Publication (scheduled): fall/winter 2008

Guest Editors:

Nikos Paragios
Professor, Laboratoire MAS
Ecole Centrale de Paris
Grande Voie des Vignes
Chatenay Malabry, France

Ramin Zabih
Professor of Computer Science and Radiology
Cornell University
4130 Upson Hall
Ithaca, NY, USA

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