Machine Vision Suppliers Recover
Date: Tuesday, June 21 @ 06:44:31 BST
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2 June 2005, Test & Measurement World: Semiconductors and electronics continue to represent significant market segments for machine-vision end-user products; together, those segments accounted for 46% of 2004's total North American machine-vision sales revenue, according to Automated Imaging Association research.

The research results, which indicate that 2004 was a strong recovery year for North American machine-vision companies, appear in the AIA's recently released annual market study, Machine Vision Markets: 2004 Results and Forecasts to 2009. The study analyzes 2004 market size, performance, players, and product types, and it forecasts sales by product type, technology, and economic sector for 2005 through 2009.

Difficult to ignore is the price of the 352-page report: $995.

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