Iris Recognition Patent Expires
Date: Sunday, July 10 @ 04:52:43 BST
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5 July 2005 - BusinessWeek - Olga Kharif - Iris Scans' Leader Looks Secure
Dominant player Iridian's patent on the technology is expiring. Rivals plan to jump in, but overtaking the pioneer is unlikely anytime soon

In the mid-1980s, ophthalmologists Leonard Flom and Aran Safir realized that no two patients' irises were alike, and the idea of identifying people by their irises -- the colored part of the eye surrounding the pupil -- was born. In 1987, the pair were issued the so-called Flom patent, which has given the company they founded, Iridian Technologies, dominance in the iris-recognition market.
Read the full story In other news, the EU has rejected the software patent bill (announcement in The Register). This restricts the ability to capitalise on successful algorithms and promote cases of monopoly or method propriety.

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