Machine Vision for Foreign Object Detection
Date: Friday, July 22 @ 06:38:11 BST
Topic: Ind. Inspection

n application is described below, which is used to discriminate between objects in the production line. In this particular case, a more mission-critical task is involved as unwanted objects must be identified among foods reliably. As often us the case, this potentially raises liability debates. Robotics have an indirect impact on human health, which is definitely not unprecedented.
21 July 2005 -- The Georgia Tech Research Institute has been building a computer-vision system that identifies plastic and other unwanted elements in finished food products.


GTRI’s innovative inspection tool combines computer vision technology with sophisticated color discrimination algorithms. The computer-vision system, which sits above the production line adjacent to metal detectors, is first trained to identify the conveyor belt background and desired characteristics for the food product. This information is stored in the computer’s hard drive, and as the product moves along the conveyor, the computer-vision system captures digital pictures and analyzes them. If the system sees an object it doesn’t recognize, it records the digital image and activates an alarm and kick-off device that removes the product from the line.
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